PFS Group Client Only Meeting 7 November 2009 Excerpts

Segment 1 of 8: The Fourth Turning. In this segment we'll discuss how we're at a critical turning point in history.

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Reality Check with Richard Loomis (CEO of World Energy Television)

Currently there are no recent updates in the series. Stay posted for the return of Reality Check.

Peak Moment: Making Financial Sense of the Coming Energy Crisis (video) (length 0:27:35)

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"We are living in historic times", says financial consultant Jim Puplava. As reflected in his weekly Financial Sense Newshour, actually several hour-long podcasts, Jim has been factoring peak oil into his financial picture for several years. In this interview plus excerpts from his presentation at the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO-USA) conference in September 2008, Jim talks about the "crisis window" opened by the current 2008 global credit crunch, and deepening over the next several years as oil supply begins its permanent decline. He provides some basic investment guidance for navigating the coming "perfect financial storm," noting that our society will move of necessity from consumption to conservation. (,, DVDs of the entire conference can be ordered through ASPO-USA. This is the second of a series of Peak Moment Conversations videotaped at ASPO-USA 2008. Coming up: James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency, and Randy Udall, energy analyst and co-founder of ASPO-USA. The first was with energy investment banker Matthew Simmons on "Oil and Gas - The Next Meltdown?"

Source: Global Public Media. October 13th, 2008.

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